Raybender®3000 Technology
A patented daylight-capturing dome lens that:
• Redirects low-angle sunlight for
maximum light capture
• Rejects overpowering summer
midday sunlight
• Provides consistent daylighting
throughout the day
Occupancy Sensor
An optional device that:
• Automatically turns LED lights on and off based on room occupancy
• Minimizes energy use throughout the day and night
• Maximizes the energy efficiency of the Smart LED System
LightTracker™ Reflector
An innovative in-dome reflector that:
• Redirects low-angle winter sunlight for maximum light capture
• Increases light input for greater light output
• Delivers unsurpassed year-round performance
Spectralight® Infinity Tubing
Tubing made of the world's most
reflective material that:
• Delivers 99.7% * specular reflectivity 
for maximum sunlight transfer
• Provides the purest color rendition 
possible so colors are truer, brighter
• Allows for run lengths over 30 feet to 
deliver sunlight to lower floors
SunSense Technology
A patented control center that:
• Continually assesses light levels and determines when supplemental light is needed
• Automatically triggers LEDs
to provide optimal light output
• Seamlessly transitions 
from waning daylight to
radiant LED light
More Than Just A Light
Lighting That Saves Money
• Sunlight provides no-cost daytime light supply
• Energy-efficient LEDs use minimal electricity
• System requires virtually no maintenance 
Lighting That Runs on Autopilot
• Continually monitors daylight levels
• Operates automatically for hands-free lighting
• Optional Occupancy Sensor provides maximum automation 
Lighting That Lasts
• Unlimited sunlight never runs out
• Energy-efficient LEDs last up to 20 years
• System eliminates need for replacement bulbs 
*Specular reflectance greater than 99% with wavelength-specific reflectances up to 99.7% for the visible spectrum
The Sun & LED Unite to Light Your Home for Less. Introducing Solatube Smart LED, a 24-hour home lighting solution that delivers up to 94% in lighting savings. 
Featuring SunSense Technology, this unique system combines radiant and energy efficient LEDs with bright and limitless daylight to deliver the perfect blend of light, day or night.
The Solatube Smart LED System is the simple and smart way to brighten dark bathrooms, hallways, entryways, closets and more.
• Reclaim prime wall space for displaying color art or family photos
• Avoid stumbling on the rug with improved visual clarity
•Make a lasting impression on visitors with a brighter,
more colorful space
•Deter potential intruders at night
with LEDs that turn
on automatically
• Resolve color issues by filling dim closets with bright daylight
• Save money with the Occupancy Sensor that triggers only when the space is occupied
• Delivers bright daylight to help eyes focus on detail tasks like applying makeup and reading medicine bottles
• The optional Occupancy Sensor automatically activates the LED lights, ensuring safety while conserving energy